I am a big Nextcloud user. I use it for my files, notes, images, videos, calendar, mail, newsfeed, collaboration, and much more. So when I couldn’t find an application that seemed a natural match for Nextcloud, I decided, I could try to build it myself. The last time I worked on a Nextcloud app, I used a complicated Vagrant setup, that worked but didn’t feel right. That’s why I tried see if I could create an easier version with docker and docker-compose. Continue reading

Well, this is a wordy headline. But if you are running into this problem – like I did – you might search exactly for this and this is called effective seo or something. Here is the premise: You are using Vagrant, like any self-respecting developer would do and you also have soft spot for JetBrains products, i.e. PhpStorm, then you might want to start and stop vagrant directly from your beloved IDE. As you should! You paid good money to be spared from entering commands into a terminal.
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