I am a big Nextcloud user. I use it for my files, notes, images, videos, calendar, mail, newsfeed, collaboration, and much more. So when I couldn’t find an application that seemed a natural match for Nextcloud, I decided, I could try to build it myself. The last time I worked on a Nextcloud app, I used a complicated Vagrant setup, that worked but didn’t feel right. That’s why I tried see if I could create an easier version with docker and docker-compose. Continue reading

PHP’s “empty” function is a weird little fellow. Basically, it tests if a given variable exists and is not evaluated to false !isset($var) || $var == false And since PHP and has a unique interpretation of what counts as false, I try to replace it with a more explicit counterparts whenever possible. It still creeps up on me sometimes, in places long forgotten, written by a much less careful version of myself. Like a few days ago, when a colleague of mine walked into my office complaining about why our internal system didn’t except his CSV file anymore.

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