In my line of work, you basically have to options to keep your sanity. You either become jaded or you go into full-on paranoia mode. And I recently started to catch myself looking longingly at tin foil hats. That’s why I have my very own cloud! But since I’m currently the sole breadwinner in our expanding family, I’m on a tight budget. So, I present to you, The Frankencloud 3000! Cobbled together from discarded parts I scrapped from our SysAd’s desk: A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and an old 1 TB internal hard disk in an USB case. As this is far from ideal (or stable), I need a good backup strategy. Preferably remote, so that a fire won’t destroy two years of baby and puppy pictures. I have a storage box somewhere that I can rsync to, but then my pictures are on somebody else’s computer which brings me back to my tin foil hats. I don’t want that. Not without some layer of encryption. And that’s where gocryptfs comes into play. What I want is to have my data to be encrypted on the fly before being rsynced to my storage box. And here is my solution.
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