You might have noticed the lack of new content here (all three of you). It is not the usual loss of interest that comes so often after the initial rush of writing your own blog has faded. It’s because I had to leave the US of A on a pretty short notice. Like a four-day-notice. Contradictory to popular belief I wasn’t kicked out by the authorities after they have found about my “secret hobby”*. I got sick, my condition worsened and I wanted to get home to receive the treatment I needed, in the environment that I felt comfortable in. Besides that, as I mentioned here, I didn’t want to single-handedly bring down my insurance company with outrageous bills. It’s been a couple of very rough months, not only for me but also for the people around me. Some folks claim it’s because of Saturn being in the house of Ariel the Mermaid or something but I don’t believe in that sort of stuff. Also, Nasa has declined my wish to nuke that f*cker. So there is that.
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